A new campaign promoting business and tourism was recently launched in Stirling’s Tolbooth. The aim is to make the City a thriving, world-class destination that’s “Alive with Scotland”. Big changes are coming, and there’s lots to look forward to!

Spanned by Stirling Old Bridge, the River Forth will regain its importance to the City
The River and Stirling’s City Centre will become a newly integrated space
The Albert Halls will become a Digital Campus for key events and conferences
The Albert Halls will become a Digital Campus for key events and conferences

The launch was celebrated with a short (and beautiful!) film, projected onto the Castle rock and onto the Wallace Monument. Familiar places appear, from Stirling Castle and the Battle of Bannockburn to Deanston Distillery and music at Nicky Tams. Sports, technology, and community learning are spotlighted. It’s only three uplifting minutes long, and well worth the watch – see it here: https://youtu.be/_21sy0ABhcw

What’s the campaign all about?

With the strapline ‘Alive with Scotland’, the campaign promotes Stirling as it completes its City Deal, which secures funding and investment in Stirlingshire tourism, leisure, and business. The deal will create jobs, support local projects, and ensure the City’s continued prosperity.  It’s all part of the plan to get Stirling – already a thriving city – onto the world stage as a destination, not only for tourists, but for its communities, and for international business too. There are plans for significant investment in housing and transport. There are plans for the development of a new Stirling Sports Village. And there’s a new multi-partnership cultural strategy for the area, as well as a refreshed rural economic strategy.

What are the projects?

There are six key projects under way:

The Harbour

This will bring together the River and Stirling’s City centre to create a new integrated space. The Harbour will include a National Tartan Centre and a shared Civic Space. There will be an external performance and events space in a bespoke City Harbour Square. And the Engine Shed will become a centre for conservation skills and heritage excellence.

Digital District 

The aim is to place Stirling at the forefront of digital innovation and enterprise nationally and internationally. A Digital Hub in the existing Municipal Buildings will provide a space where businesses and students can come together to create and innovate. The Albert Halls will provide a Digital Campus. This will become a leading UK centre for conferences, seminars and programmes, all about technical innovation.

Grow-on Space

This will address the shortage of space in the City for growing businesses. It will provide a bespoke space for established businesses to develop and progress.

City Park

The City Park will address a long-overlooked area of Stirling at the foot of the Castle and Back Walk. The Park will create a space that will attract and retain residents. And it will also create flow from this area of Stirling into the city centre and historic areas for residents and tourists alike. This will be amongst the most distinctive parks in Scotland with a significant setting below Stirling Castle.

The River

This project aims to put the River Forth back into play as a major driver of Stirling’s economic, cultural and social prosperity. This project will include the development of a river taxi network, and better pedestrian and cycle paths. The river’s peninsulas and riverbanks will be developed to incorporate a barrage, controlling water water levels and water quality.

Mercat Cross

The regeneration of Mercat Cross, at the ‘top of the town’, will revitalise this strategically important area of the city. Initiatives include a City Market, increased permanent and temporary commercial space, and a Cultural Quarter.

An ambitious plan?

Yes, it’s an ambitious plan, but it’s already becoming reality. Codebase, one of Europe’s fastest growing tech hubs, has already moved into Stirling’s Digital district. The new Tartan Centre is coming soon. There’s investment in brand-new student residences in the city centre, and Stirling will hold its first ever marathon in May this year.

These are exciting times for Stirling. We can all be part of its transformation, by supporting and using these new assets as they appear in our beautiful city. Lots to look forward to!



The City Park will have a significant setting below Stirling Castle
The City Park will have a significant setting below Stirling Castle
Improved riverside footpaths, cycle paths and even river taxis are planned for the Forth
Improved riverside footpaths, cycle paths and even river taxis are planned for the Forth

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